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Published on August 19th, 2013 | by HubSM Contributor

Ryan Dempster’s Moronic Thinking Is Exactly What the New York Yankees Needed

What happened last night in the second inning of the New York Yankees game against the Boston Red Sox will be remembered. It will be remembered for more than a Red Sox pitcher being an asshole. That second inning, four pitch at-bat, when Ryan Dempster was trying to hit Alex Rodriguez changed a lot more than a game.

What Dempster did was make an uncomfortable Yankees’ clubhouse and Rodriguez one again. In Rodriguez’s eyes he saw his manager come out and damn near right hook home plate umpire Brian O’Nora in the face, he looked back and saw his bench clear and Brett Gardner needing to be restrained because he wanted to go after the Red Sox players.

The situation in the Bronx has been an uncomfortable one, and every day it has gotten worse for A-Rod and the Yankees front office, but with the pitch heard around the five boroughs, everything changed.

After the pitch that was headed for A-Rod’s face hit his back, Rodriguez went from a player that some of his teammates were unsure about, to a teammate again. A teammate that was being attacked by not just another team but the Red Sox, in one of most classless moves I have ever witnessed in 30 years watching baseball. This play turned what Dempster had hoped would anoint him a cult hero, into a major positive for a Yankees’ team that needed to come together as one.

It turned into a positive in that inning, a positive in that game. That inning fired the team up and the Yankees won the game and series, and it became a positive because that uncomfortable elephant in the locker room is not only gone, but the majority of Yankee fans will also rally behind Rodriguez now.

A week ago if someone would have told me that anything would make A-Rod a fan favorite in New York I would have laughed, but when a Red Sox pitcher throws at him and the downright pathetic, disrespectful unintelligent Red Sox fans cheered as Rodriguez was hit, the world flipped upside down.

It’s like a family; a family can talk smack about each other, they can say and do things to each other no one else can but when someone else does, especially that family’s enemy, it turns whatever problems the family into uniting to kick the person’s ass that disrespected their family member.

I will admit I trashed Rodriguez, I did not think anything could ever happen that would make me cheer for him, but I was wrong, because as much as I disliked Rodriguez, I have always disliked the Red Sox more.

What happened last night took my dislike for the whole city of Boston and fans of the team to another level. In all my years of watching baseball I have never seen fans show such pure ignorance and stupidity as I did in the second inning of the game last night.

Then to have Red Sox’s manager John Farrell insult the intelligence of every MLB fan, with his lost in the sauce lies to the ESPN crew during his interview; to have Dempster, who has been outspoken about Rodriguez being able to play, go to his press conference and lie, then lie some more and do it with a straight face is just ridiculous.

It is odd because Dempster is a major player in MLBPA, the union that agreed and help set the rules for Rodriguez being able to have this opportunity to appeal his suspension and play while he does so, yet he feels so strongly that he not only embarrassed himself, but the organization as well. It’s ironic that he took the loss for a team on a downward spiral as of late, who have a tough road ahead of them and three teams on their tail.

ESPN analyst John Kruk was really on-point with his observation of the whole situation. He talked about the Red Sox fans cheering when A-Rod got hit, as their children were right beside them or their young children followed their lead and cheered with them. Kruk talked about what if that was their son, what if that was their family member, how they would feel. It wasn’t like Dempster was throwing changeups at Rodriguez; he was throwing fastballs at A-Rod’s face.

The real bottom line is Dempster just helped the Yankees. It helped them come closer as a team, something they will need in their fight to get into the post-season.

So many have already counted the Yankees out, as they have all season, but this is a new Yankees team and regardless how any Yankee fan feels about Rodriguez as a man, he is a Yankee. Right now he is playing baseball for the New York Yankees. For myself, as long as he has those pinstripes on I will cheer for him.

After what Dempster did I may even cheer for Rodriguez the man. I will give Rodriguez credit for how well he handled himself through this all. I have no idea how he stays so composed, he even stayed pretty composed when he launched the longest home run any Yankee has hit all season to start the Yankees comeback in the sixth inning.

So yeah maybe Dempster hit A-Rod, but that little bruise really healed a player, a club house an organization, as well as a fan base, who did not know what to do, or how to feel about A-Rod, because they wanted their team to win but some did not agree with him being able to play. Heck even some of his teammates don’t agree.

Now, because of Dempster, the unclear has gotten very clear, because no matter how a real Yankee fans feels about Rodriguez, they hate the Red Sox more. Then to have the Sux fans chant, “Where is Jeter, Where is Jeter,” or “Derek Jeter, Derek Jeter,” every time Rodriguez came to bat, they now have come at the captain too. If the Red Sox wanted a race from a once again powerful lineup, that can now officially be called the Bronx Bombers again, they have they got themselves one.

Ryan Dempster did what all the PR companies and lawyers in the world could have never done for A-Rod – they got the Yankee fans back on his side.

For all the baseball fans who bash Yankee fans for cheering for anyone who helps the team win — Yeah, your damn right we do, but now it’s more about cheering for Rodriguez, for being a team player and coming back and crushing Dempster and jacking up the Yankee team and fans, as he talked trash to the dumb ass pitcher as he was rounding third.

So thank you Ryan Dempster, thank you John Lackey, thank you Red Sox fans because you just gave the Yankees that fight back and sadly for you and the rest of the AL East, they were already hot.

If you Red Sux fans need any reminders of all the times the Yankees have come back and did the improbable and beat you for the division, or in the playoffs or ruined your season I would love to remind you of all the championships, or bring up names like Aaron Boone, Bucky Dent or my favorite Red Sox Bill Buckner.

Instead, unlike you classless “Cacks,” I will take the high road and let the Yankees wining do the talking… well except when the Red Sox’s come to the Bronx and your boy Dustin Pedroia takes a 98mph fastball off his face. Brian O’Nora may have been able to save your favorite players last night, but he won’t be able to next time around. It’s not if, it’s who will be the Red Sox to take one off the chin.

Thank You Red Sux fans and especially you Mr. Dempster. Have a nice day and if you keep practicing real hard and eat your Wheaties maybe you will finally get your first win against the Yankees.

Nik Swartz is the Senior Editor for The Hub Sports+Music. Follow him on Twitter @Sweetnesz13 or add him on Google+.



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  • David Miller Rant

    I agree with everything you said! I don’t know what Dempster was thinking. I know the Yankees are still a little bit away from the wildcard lead but the intentional attack on A-Rod and especially the awesome reaction of Girardi might have awoken the sleeping giant.

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